Rusty Spinner

Rusty Spinner
Rusty Spinner













  • Hook: Size 16 or 18 Partridge SLD or Tiemco 103BL in size 17 or 19
  • Thread: Red or brown.
  • Tail: Blue Dun cock hackle fibres. You can splay them if you want to but it’s not necessary.
  • Body and Thorax: Reddish brown dubbing.
  • Wing: Niche siliconised poly yarn in white or gray tied spent. Normal poly yarn in either white or blue dun colour is also good. Make sure you only use approx. one third of its thickness if using the normal yarn. Use the gray wing during the day and the white for late evening/dusk fishing.


Poly Wing Dun

Poly Wing Dun
Poly Wing Dun












  • Hook: Partridge SLD size 18 or Tiemco 103BL size 19.
  • Thread: Olive
  • Tail: Blue dun cock hackle fibres.
  • Body: Beaver underfur. This is a very fine textured fur in a creamy dun colour.
  • Thorax: Grey squirrel body fur. Mix a few of the short guard hairs in with the gray underfur. Hare’s ear is also excellent.
  • Wing: Niche siliconised poly yarn in gray, or normal poly yarn in slate gray or brown using the same thickness as above. The yarn is initially tied spent as in the Rusty spinner but is then brought into a more upright position by cross wrapping the thorax dubbing either side of the wings. Don’t cross wrap between the wings. This brings the wings into a more pronounced V shape.


Red Spinner

Red Spinner
Red Spinner











  • Hook: Size 14 hook.
  • Thread: Red
  • Tail: Red Game cock hackle fibres.
  • Body: Red thread.
  • Hackle: Five or six turns of a Red Game cock hackle.
  • An easy to tie general purpose dry fly which is ideal on faster and more bouncy stretches of water. Also good for bringing fish up when there’s no obvious sign of fish feeding.


Black Nymph

Black Nymph
Black Nymph













  • Hook: Size 10 – 12 Wet Fly.
  • Thread: Black
  • Tail: Bunch of Black cock hackles.
  • Body and Thorax: A mix of 3 parts black seals fur to 1 part red seals fur.
  • Rib: Silver wire.
  • Thorax: Dark cock pheasant tail fibres.
  • Hackle: Black hen hackle.
  • An excellent early season wet fly. Weight can be added under the thorax with copper or lead wire.


Pheasant Tail Nymph

Pheasant Tail Nymph
Pheasant Tail Nymph












  • Hook: Size 10 – 14 wet Fly
  • Thread: Black, brown or olive.
  • Tail, body and wing case : Cock pheasant tail fibres.
  • Rib: Copper wire.
  • Thorax: Grey squirrel, hare’s ear or pearl mylar tinsel.
  • Hackle: Red Game hen hackle.
  • Excellent early season and normally fished in partnership with the Black Nymph.


Gold Bead Hare’s Ear

Gold Bead Hare's Ear
Gold Bead Hare's Ear












  • Hook: Size 10 – 14 Wet Fly.
  • Thread: Black or olive.
  • Head: Gold bead either normal brass or tungsten.
  • Tail: Bunch of fibres from a hare’s body.
  • Rib: Oval gold.
  • Body: Hare’s ear.
  • Hackle: Brown partridge hackle.
  • Excellent for trout when nothing is rising or for fishing fast streamy water. Excellent for the grayling at any time of the season.