Summer 2016

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The mayfly have now departed but the river experienced a cracking couple of weeks as hatches were plentiful this year. The trout responded accordingly and many members had days to remember using dry imitations.

Grayling has also been showing up in good numbers for those fishing with heavier nymphs which is really encouraging. There was some concern following the winter floods that these may have struggled but apparently not.

The club is working closely with the Tyne Rivers Trust to start combating the levels of balsam on the banks. One section has now been cleared above Clockburn Bridge and other areas will be worked out during the next couple of months.

The river is running low and clear at the moment and a good flood were certainly freshen things up a bit. That being said the trout are feeding well and the river is coming alive in the evenings. It worth stopping out for the final couple of hours before dusk if you can!