Hurry Up Spring!

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The start of the season on the 22nd was greeted with gale force easterly winds and temperatures barely getting above zero, very few members braved the elements so it was a quiet start to proceedings, what a difference a year makes!!

The first week in April has seen temperatures rise and hatches respond accordingly, the first dark winged olives are now floating down the river and trout are taking these off the top. Anglers enjoyed some good dry fly sport over the weekend which was great to see.

We now have in place a new enlarged Bailiffing Team which is great news and we are working closely with the Environment Agency to prosecute anyone found illegally fishing on our waters. As the month progresses hopefully the temperatures will too, look out for the hatches of hawthorn which the trout will really turn on to in the near future.

Please note that grayling are now out of season until 16th June and if you do catch one please handle with great care and ensure they have recovered before release.