The summer that wasnt!

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August has followed a similar pattern to last month with a fluctuating coloured river making fishing very difficult at times. The good news is the fish are still there and once conditions settle down normal service will be resumed. Sedge patterns should do well over the next couple of weeks.

The Tyne Rivers Trust carried out some electric fishing during August which found the river to be in a very healthy state with an amazing number of juvenile trout in some sections. The electric fishing also discovered that there are eels in the system which is great as populations of these fish have dropped by 70% in the last 5 years.

We had another clean up of the river banks during August which hopefully members appreciate. Massive thank you to all that turned up and helped out, all your help is essential to the successful running of the club.

A big thank you also goes to Scott Nellins (Member of the England River Team) who provided members with a great demonstration last Sunday.  Scott provided a real insight into some of the nynphing tactics he adopts. It really was fascinating!