Brownies heading to the surface!

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This warm dry spell has certainly seen more trout looking towards the surface for they daily intake. The trick has been to be in the right place at the right time to take advantage of the hatches and make contact with some of the bigger fish present. One member who manged that over the weekend was Michael McDermott who returned 6 fish in an evening session over the weekend. His biggest was a cracking fish well over the pound mark which was safely returned following a quick photo:

The fish took a small Iron Blue Dun, this accounted for a further 2 of his fish with the others taking a larger dry olive pattern. 

Another member to have some success was Pete Mcparlin who fished  the river around Rowlands Gill on Saturday and caught four trout – all wild fish between 6-8 ins. He caught his fish on PTN and a  Greenwells wet. Pete also noticed there was grammon hatch on and the trout were starting to respond with a few rises. He switched to a dry brown sedge, hooked & lost one trout at the net and knocked another one off, then noticed that there were olive coming off as well. There was a hell of a lot of activity for about half an hour at about 1 o’clock.

Prospects for the Easter period are good with the warm dry weather set to continue, afternoon and evenings will see the majority of the activity. Wishing you all a happy Easter and tight lines!